What Is a Crawl Space?

A crawl is an unoccupied space between the first floor and the ground. It acts as a buffer between the damp land and home. Generally, crawlspaces are used to run pipes, ducts, and wires through the house. 

Bad Smell 

More than normal humidity levels can cause a musty or damp smell. That’s reason of health problems for the inhabitants of the house. Take it as the first reason you need crawl repair help. 

Uneven and Cold Floors 

If your floors are uneven, it can increase structural issues, and cracks can allow the cold air inside. So, if you notice icy floors, know that it is a sign that your crawl space needs repair. 

Professional crawl space repair not only helps with mold removal, but they also clean and repair the crawl space and restore it to the best condition.

If you are looking for professional water leakage or crawl space help, Basement Waterproofing Solutions is a crawl space repair expert.  



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