Clearing Out Gutters

Check if your gutters are blocked with leaves of dirt. You can do a self-check on your gutters to see if they are overflowing near your home foundation. If this is the case, get the gutter clean and try to extend the gutter pipe length.

Is Water from the Roof Draining Next to the Footings? 

If, during rain, the water from your roof drains down right next to the footings, it can add to the hydrostatic pressure and make water enter into the Basement. You must modify your downspouts and extend them to fall away from your home.

Add Slopes to the Ground Above Basement Walls

If you slope the ground above the Basement away from your home, it will direct the rainwater away automatically. There will be no water seepage into your basement.

If there are any shrubs and plants around your house, remove them because their roots hold water. However, these were the tips to manage surface water and keep your basement dry. But if you already have a leaking basement with a musty smell, do not wait any longer. You need basement leakage services.