foolproof waterproofing solutions. Let us know about waterproofing solutions that might come in handy to dry the basement.

With a huge amount

of rain, basement leakage is inevitable. In such a scenario,

homeowners and business owners need

Exterior Waterproofing

During the rainy season, water can get stored around the house and above the basement walls. Exterior waterproofing with methods like polyurethane, waterproof paint, or cementitious waterproofing can prevent water from entering the basement walls.

Keeping The Area Around the Home Clean and Sloped

Although this is not one of a remedy but a protective tip. Keep the area around the home clean and cut down the plants and grass, if any. Another tip is to slope down the area near the walls to direct water away from the home.

Ultimately, it’s your choice what method you want to choose for waterproofing. However, getting help from an expert company is a smart decision. 

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