Ignoring the Problem

The very first mistake made by homeowners is that they ignore water leakage completely. This approach is wrong because the real reason for water leakage remains hidden and active this way, and your home develops structural and mold issues.

Relying on Market Products

Using material like epoxy injections, waterproof paint and cement are for minor issues. These fixes cannot give you long-term relief and may even worsen the cracks in the walls and floor.

Internal and External Waterproofing

You will need to get internal or external waterproofing depending on the source of water infiltration into your basement. An experienced waterproofing service can help you find the right solution post the site visit.

Choosing a Professional

The nature of waterproofing is complex. The repair may require excavation and installation of a proper drainage systems. It is best to hire an experienced and rely on them for the best solutions. 

If you are looking for basement, foundational and crawl space repair, Basement Waterproofing Solutions offers the best services. Book an inspection from us and get a quote today!