Clean Mold with The Help of a Mop

•Try cleaning mold with a mop or a scrubber. •You can use detergent water and disinfectant to clean mold. •Wear gloves to keep your hands safe while dealing with mold.  

Fix Humidity Issue

• Fill up if there are any cracks in the walls. • If your floor is uneven, try fixing it. • Don’t let rainwater enter your home.

Look For Leakage Repair Method

• Know how serious the problem is and look for a solution. • Keep the area above the basement clean and dry. • Install a drainage system or install a sump pump.

Keep Your Crawl Space Clean

•Inspect your crawl space regularly.

•Crawl space leakage can be a strong reason for mold. •Try keeping your crawl space clean and dry. 

Hiring an expert for mold removal is the best idea so far. This way, you can get 100% sure about making your place clean and healthy. 

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