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Waterproofing System Installation

Waterproofing a basement is the process of waterproofing a basement by installing materials such as membranes, water-resistant products, and a drainage system on the basement floor.

Advantages: The installation provides a waterproofing system that protects from water penetration into the basement floor.

Benefits: You get a dry and comfortable basement area in your home that is safe from mold.

Exterior Waterproofing

By excavating most of the surrounding soil around your foundation walls and installing drainage panels, interior waterproofing guards against concrete damage caused by water leaks.

Advantages: A durable, flexible membrane or coating protects against moisture penetration from the ground. Once installed, it also prevents water from seeping from the exterior into your home’s interior walls and floors.

Benefits: You’ll avoid expensive foundation wall repair or replacement costs caused by ground water leaks.


Parging provides an attractive exterior finish for masonry foundations.

Advantages: Parging is the premier foundation coating.

Benefits: Parging adds beauty and charm to your home. It also protects your home from future water damage.


The I-Beam is located in the center of the wall and transfers load from the home’s exterior to the foundation.

Advantages: I-Beams eliminate costly support framing members to distribute loads from exterior walls. Protects interior finish from damage caused by transferred loads.

Benefits: Significantly reduces labor costs associated with exterior wall framing and finishing. Eliminates the need for load-bearing interior walls.

Egress Windows

Egress windows will provide an escape from the basement in an emergency, depending on local codes, and are common in new construction.

Advantages: Egress Windows are required under certain situations either when using a basement and/or a bedroom has been constructed in the basement

Benefits: Egress Windows are required under certain situations either when using a basement and/or a bedroom has been constructed in the basement.

Crawl Space Repair

The key to successful crawl space repair is “encapsulation.”

Advantages: Crawl spaces are among the most vulnerable areas of a building. In addition to being prone to water damage, they often suffer from mold and mildew as well as pest issues such as termites.

Benefits: Encapsulating a crawl space protects it from water damage. It also keeps dust mites, fleas and ticks from invading your home, where they can trigger allergy attacks and asthma flare-ups in people with allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does my basement get water sometimes and sometimes not?

Although many factors can contribute to water intrusion into your basement or crawl space, the primary cause is hydrostatic pressure. When the ground under and around your home is saturated, the rising “false” water table exerts an abnormal amount of lateral pressure on the walls and hydrostatic pressure on the floor, trying to lift the house out of the ground. These conditions are determined by how much rain we get, snow melts, soil type and underground springs, to name a few.

Is there anything I can do to solve my problem?

Perhaps. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are in working order, keep debris from window wells and add covers. Check to see that the grading around the house is sloped away from the structure. If, after all of these precautions are maintained and you still get seepage, Basement Waterproofing Solutions should really come out to evaluate your situation.

Can a sealant or waterproof paint correct this problem?

There are two very important things to consider here. First, any product used on the inside of the basement walls is a “barrier method” designed to trap the water and keep it from entering the basement. Second, it is not a permanent solution, and do we want to create a dam inside your walls that would put even more lateral and hydrostatic pressure on the structure?

Paints and sealants are fine for occasional damp spots, but, over the long haul, they cannot keep water intrusion from happening. In fact, they can make a problem worse by keeping the stored water in the wall and creating deterioration of the lower wall.

Is there any cost or obligation in order to receive a consultation from BWS?

Absolutely not. We will set any time that is convenient with you and/or your significant other, do an inspection, explain what the causes are, design a guaranteed solution to your specific problem and leave you with a written proposal to evaluate.

The Results

Real client reviews that show that our basement leak repair process provides amazing results.

“The resulting repair results have been truly outstanding. Your men performed mold remediation and structural repair in an outstanding and professional manner to correct and resolve the water leakage problem in my basement.

In my view, they worked untiringly and were exact in everything accomplished in the job as well as cleaning up after the area after the job was completed.

Thank you for your dedicated work. I will be highly recommending your business to all my clients and friends.”

Donald Gauntner

Colonel, Retired, U.S. Army

“All of your crew were very nice, introduced themselves, and shook my hand. They were efficient, and I was impressed with their concern when it came to shielding the rest of my house from dust and debris.

I normally do most of the work on my house msyelf. When I have paid in the past for a professional, I have been disappointed for one reason or another. I must say I was blown away by your companies professionalisms, efficiency, and attention to detail.”

Brett Haney

Homeonwer, Lancaster, PA

“I have dealt with asthma and allergy symptoms for 30 years. I called David Horner, the owner of Basement Waterproofing Solutions, and told him what had been transpiring. He said he could be at my house in 30 minutes to give me an estimate.

He went over the basement and explained what he would do so that I could end up with a new, dry basement. I was never pressured to sign a contract or give money.

During the renovations, they took care of every concern I had, and they even went above and beyond and fixed some old cement they thought would trip me up. 

I no longer have to take asthma medicine or inhalers, my cough is gone, and I am enjoying my bright, clean, and dry basement.”

Audrey Smith

Homeowner, York, PA

“We are very pleased with the work that your crew did. They did an excellent job in cementing back the floor that was opened for the drainage pits.

After the job was completed, we had 3 other contractors (carpet, carpenter, and plumber) come into our basement and they all remarked that they had never before witnessed a job as well done as the one done by your company

Thank you very much for your work and the cleanup that occurred after the job was done. “

Bill & Donna Kloidt

Homeowner, York, PA